Attestation of Vegvísir in the Huld Manuscript.
The Huld Manuscript is the name given to the book of collected Icelandic staves and spells, compiled by Geir Vigfusson in the 19th Century. Huld is the name of a völva in the Ynglinga and Sturlunga Sagas, who practiced Seiðr magic. A later Icelandic tale by Snorri Sturlusson tells us that she was a mistress of Odin, and mothered two demi-goddesses by him, who were named Þorgerðr and Irpa. If we look at the etymology, “Huld” means “Hidden” or “Secret” and is derived from Old Norse “Hulda”.  This root is seen in many other words in Germanic lore.

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by Joseph Szabo from his book ‘Teenagers’
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