1981 photo from the pit at the outdoor punkrock festival, Eastern Front, Aquatic Park, Berkeley Marina. by p0ps Harlow on Flickr.
ploua rimel si…
noi ne iubeam,
prin cerul terestru,
prin cerul de opal.
prinde-ti paru-n nori
si viceversa.
imbratisari apoi imperecheri
apoi vers alb ca
azi nu mai sta nimeni sa se uite in cuvinte.

mai stai măcar o zecimală 
adică doar cât să te rog și-a zecea oară 
să … mai…stai 



I have seen this photo in the net so many times already. It had no watermark, so people just posted it where they wanted.
model me. Deviantart
Photo by CorpseFiend
If you find a copy of this photo without the watermark, let me know.
And if you are the person who posted this photo without any link to me or the photographer… than you’re a dick. And I will find you. And I will TEAR YOU INTO FUCKING PIECES

Suzana & Suzane Massena @ Lumière Models. Photographed by Rafael Pavarotti

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